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Have you ever gone to a craft fair and been disappointed at the amount of items that are obviously not hand-made? You won't find that here. The products I offer for sale are really and truly made by me!! I make use of a variety of quality materials in my crafts, and wherever is relevant I also recycle fabrics. Where this is the case you will find this information in the individual product description. My items are usually one of a kind - I don't make repeats of the same item, except for Christmas ornaments.

Grab it and Go Bag

A small bag for all of you who prefer to carry large day bags. This is a clutch-sized bag which will carry the essentials you need. You can pop it in your large bag and it saves hunting around for your keys, cards, purse... even poo bags.


Here you will find the various items I make to sell, with their relevant description and details.


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